Gummy Bears – Explosion in Airport Security!

Jeffrey Lambert from Toronto had not heard about the powerful laxative effects of Haribo’s sugar-free Gummy Bears. Nor had the nice folks in airport security who decided to do an intimate search just as Jeffery was wishing he had paid more attention!

The Smelly Feet in Seat 15A

It never ceases to amaze me how many complaint letters are generated by our experiences on airlines. Here is another one but unusually, this letter is not addressed to the airline, but to one of its passengers!

IKEA Expedit: A Weekend of Adventure

ikea expedit new jersey

Keith Snyder wanted a grey Expedit bookshelf. IKEA sold him a black one. He couldn’t get back to the New Jersey store so he decided to build it anyway. That’s when the real problems began…

Joe Lycett: Caught Short at Euston

joe lycett euston 2

Comedian Joe Lycett faced imminent disaster at Euston Station following a dodgy prawn masala. But the station loos required an entry fee of thirty pence…. So what did he do? He emailed the CEO of Network rail asking for help…

Europcar Morocco: Satan’s Chariot

europcar satans chariot

“I shook hands with a berber tribesman who’d been crossing the desert on a camel and sleeping rough for weeks and even HE was taken aback by the smell of my hand. “It’s the steering wheel!” I cried. “It’s not my fault!” An american tourist in Fez thought I was a vet. When I asked why, he said: “Your hand smells so bad I just assumed that it spent a lot of time deep inside pregnant cows.” “

United Airlines: United Breaks Guitars

One day back in 2013, I was having a Turkish beer in an English pub in Almaty, Kazakhstan when one of my Australian drinking partners showed me this Canadian complaint video on his Japanese phone.

Jetstar Airways: The Hippopotamus in seat 12C

Jetstar hippo

There is nothing worse than being sat next to a morbidly obese person in an economy airline seat. Except perhaps being sat in an economy airline seat beside a morbidly obese person with serious personal hygiene issues! This letter went globally viral when first added to DCR and caused much controversy.

CBeebies Bedtime Hour

CBeebies bedtime collage

This complaint to the BBC television channel CBeebies was penned by Matt Coyne, author of the hilarious book, ‘Man vs Toddler – The Trials and Triumphs of Toddlerdom ‘. It takes issue with the BBC’s scheduling of ‘Bedtime Hour’ at 6.00pm.

Auto Europe: The Car Hire Firm from Hell

auto europe collage new

Picking up a hire car at the airport should be pretty straight forward right? I’ve done it hundreds of times. Not this time. This time was hell….
This is the curious story of the Italian tractor from the Arse-End-of-Beyond and some strangely similar company logos….

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